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The works of irish artist Kevin Francis Gray embody the reconciliation between classical and contemporary art. The materials employed by the artist are only one of the many elements of his direct dialogue with the masters of the past. The Hellenistic sculptures, the works of art of the Middle Ages and Renaissance at the Museo Stefano Bardini in Florence are the perfect context for the exhibition of KFG's contemporary yet classical sculptures. The artist's signature style involves wrapping the subjects in a timeless veil or glittering strings of beads, this element as well as the distortion of somatic traits give his works a contemporary nature.

Kevin Francis Gray has a special bond with the Tuscan territory.

“I feel privileged to be able to work here, not only because I’m surrounded by the greatest artisans in the world but also because people of that city and region are so receptive to artists coming in, it’s been in their blood for centuries. When I decided to make marble, there was obviously only one place I was going to go in the world to make that happen, and that was going to be Tuscany.”


Curated by Antonella Nesi, promoted by Comune di Firenze, and organized by Muse Firenze in collaboration with Eduardo Secci Contemporary and the support of Moaconcept, the solo show of KF Gray at Museo Bardini confirms the constant progress of the project for the promotion of contemporary art in Florence. 

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