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Yujia Hu is a young sushi artist born in China and living in Milan where he moved with his family at an early age. He never finished his studies to help in the family business which is the Sakana Sushi restaurant in Milan.


While working as a sushi manager in his family restaurant, Yu found a way to merge his passion for street culture, the sneaker world and hip-hop music with this millinery Japanese tradition. Sushi and its ingredients became his tools. To promote the restaurant in which he is the Sushi Manager, one day he decided between breaks to use his time to try something new. Something that could innovate, something different to create “hype” and stimulate interest in his clients. 

His first work was a portrait of deejay Steve Aoki, made of onigiri. Thanks to Instagram Yujia becomes very popular and decided to continue creating sneakers, portraits of athletes, artists, rappers and iconic garments and items using sushi ingredients. 

The series “shoeshi” is one of the most famous, he reproduced shoes and sneakers of popular brands using sushi ingredients but his first creation was portrait of DJ Steve Aoki with onigiri.


We had the pleasure to interview Yujia Hu for our series Behind the Moa, check out the interview to find out more about Yujia’s world.


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